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Yes We Kids and all its actions




Our humanitarian trip to Vietnam is a huge project and financially substantial. To get our project on its feet, we have to raise funds. That is why we set different actions in place. We separate our actions into two distinct parts : at school and outside of the campus.

Firstly, Yes We Kids frequently organizes events at school, Iscom Lille. For example, our humanitarian association offers other students breakfasts or snacks. Yes We Kids also organized a raffle with different prizes.

Secondly, we participate actively in the daily life of our school to earn money. Yes We Kids is present at all open house days at Iscom. We show visitors around the campus and we talk about our personal experience in the school.

To finish, Yes We Kids went into partnership with the shopping center Euralille. Every week-end of December, we wrap gifts in the center. Euralille gives us all the supplies we need to do it. Our team offers the customers of the mall to do their wrapping. Then, people can give a tip if they want. We don’t set a price for the packaging, everybody is able to give what they want. It is the principle of donation.

All these actions enable us to earn money and to help our project progress. Thanks to the people’s generosity inside and outside of our school, we are getting closer bit by bit to our goal.


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