Our Christmas action

Yes We Kids – Our Christmas action

it is time for us to share with you the assessment of the Yes We Kids action that took place during the Christmas period.
Every week-ends of December, we wrapped gifts at the commercial center Euralille, in our city : LILLE.
The center generously loaned to the Yes We Kids team three tables, four chairs and gave us wrap and all the fournitures we needed just for you to be stressless and happy for Christmas.

This was a great experience for the team, it developed our team spirit. We have met a lot of people. We helped all these people to get ready for Christmas.

Yes We Kids's Christmas action

Finally, we shared a lot of great moments with all of you !
You made us laugh with your jokes, your experiences, your interesting stories. We thanks all of you for all your good advices for those who’ve been to the vietnam before and those who’ve been to an humanitarian trip.

Yes we kids will always be thankful, it was really rewarding !

We want to thank all of you who visited us during this action and participate to the realisation of our humanitarian project. Thanks to their help, it becomes more and more true everyday.

At last, we want to thank greatly the team of Euralille and especially its director, Mr. Rey, who gave us the opportunity of this partnership.

You can see a few pictures about this period on social medias !






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