Yes We Kids’s Partners

Our partners


Yes We Kids is supported by numerous organizations which help the association in different way. All these partners are a huge support in our project.



iscom logoOur project around Vietnam is largely supported by members of ISCOM. The director, Jean-Marc Frécon, the head of admissions and communication, Joseph Pietton and the educational manager, Guillaume Duclay, help us to make the project realizable.


Mère Isabelle

mère Isabelle“Mère Isabelle” is the association with which we’re going to Vietnam in July. It allows thousands of children to be educated, fed, dressed and to avoid the hell of the street. Yes We Kids is dedicated to help the association in Vietnam as widely as possible.



infographie-08We decided to contact the mall Euralille to do actions in the center. They trusted us for the Christmas periods. We took care of the gift wrap in the shopping center all December.


Lions Clubs

infographie-08Lions Clubs bring together men and women with the same desire to serve general interest in a spirit of humanism. We are already in partnership with the Lions Club of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux. It supports us in our project financing a part of our budget.



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