Yes We Kids’s project

What we are going to do in Vietnam


The Yes We Kids’s project is to carry out a united mission and provide humanitarian assistance in an orphanage in Vietnam. We are in partnership with a local association called « Mère Isabelle ». The orphanage is located in Ho Chi Minh City in the South of Vietnam.

The project objectives are to help the local staff who care for the children every day, to discover new traditions and life habits and share our culture with the orphans and Vietnamese we’ll meet on our path. We are going to be there for three weeks in July 2018. Once on site, we are going to give english lessons to children. We also want to bring them school supplies.

Vietnam is our destination. It is a country based on the agriculture of rice, one of the most ancient grains of Asia. It is frequently confronted with many natural disasters. Between earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, Vietnam has difficulties to recover from those successive crises which only aggravate the poverty in the country.

Despite that, Yes We Kids wants to defend the cause of children. Because there are many orphans who are confronted with poverty, exploitation and prostitution in the street. The Yes We Kids’s goal is to play, learn, and live with those children who haven’t had a life as good as ours.



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