Thank you !


Thank you very much to all of you dear donators !!!

As you may know, we created a pool on the website “Ulule” two months ago to raise founds for our humanitarian association. We had 29 days to fill it, which represented raise 2500€ only thanks to donations from persons like me and you. So thank you very much to all of you dear donators ! During this period, every minute, we checked the growth of the pool ! Each donation was like a big step for us. We texted together asking if someone saw the new generous donator. These 29 days were very exciting and stressful ! You may know it, if we didn’t get the objective, we lost all the money we earned from the beginning of the pool. But after 27 days, we succeed and raised the 2500€ we asked less the 8% for Ulule ! What a beautiful day seeing the pool full !!! We almost cried,  we shouted and we danced too all day long !! Having 2500€ more to finance our trip is amazing ! And as you are very generous and interested by our project, you donated 500€ more in only two days !! At the end of the 29 days of pool, we had 3045€ just with donations.

Ulule logo thank you to all of you dear donators


We continue to raise founds, to get all the budget we need 3000€ more. To reach our objective, we organized a party. The fundraiser was in partner with “Propagang” on the 27th of April. Then we will do some activities in ISCOM to raise some furnitures for the orphans. We also want to raise more funds such as contacting companies, shops which could give us some toys and accessories for the children we will meet in Ho Chi Minh. We hope that we will raise enough money to refund all the spendings we did concerning our trip but we are prepared to add some from our part.

To conclude, we just want to thank you following us and our project, our carries and hopes.




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