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As you have seen, we are a motivated and united team of ten students. Kids need love and Yes We Kids is here to give it to them. Moreover, we have to help them bring supplies like pens, notebooks, clothes… For that, we organize a lot of events such as a collection of supplies, we wrapped gifts, we are doing a crowdfunding Help uscampaign to earn money for kids. Smiles, happiness and hope are what we want to transmit to the orphanage of Mère Isabelle in Hô Chi Minh. Mère Isabelle, a religious woman, created this humanitarian association in Vietnam to help the poor and the children of her country. This woman allows thousands of children to be educated, fed, dressed, and to avoid the hell of the street. And we are here to carry on her wonderful actions.

That is why we are appealing to you to get your help to carry out the project of Yes We Kids. Most of all, we take this humanitarian trip to heart so if you also agree with us you can help us ! To contribute, you can make a donation directly on ulule a crowdfunding-platform or simply spread the word around you ! In addition, it’s tax deductible. So, do not hesitate to support the project by following Yes We Kids on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

The first Dong donation offered to
Yes We Kids by Mister Duclay.


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