Who are we ?

Our Yes We Kids’s team

First of all, Yes We Kids is a humanitarian association made of 10 ISCOM students who want to help orphans. We are in our first or second year of studies and we are Alice, Axelle, Audrey, Amélie, Emma, Margot, Alexandre, Sixtine, Prunelle and Prune. We would like to help people abroad and want to discover new cultures.

Our project is focused on disadvantaged children’s education, a subject we are very sensitive about. We are a very motivated team and want to realize our dream. We are dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic concerning the idea of discovering a new culture and meeting new people abroad. Asian countries like Vietnam are very interesting for that. That is why we are going there next July.

Hence, our association is a unique experience for us and we are happy to share our idea with you. We hope you’ll not be disappointed with regards to our project.

Yes We Kids association has existed since 2016 and we hope that it will represent an amazing experience for us. Yes We Kids is more than a name to describe a humanitarian association. It is a group we belong to, and will be the name of an amazing experience for us.

To conclude, we really want to improve the education of disadvantaged children, which is why we are determined to go to Vietnam and help children. Yes We Kids needs you to accomplish its project. Please help us !

Because we need you, we invite you to find all the information you need concerning our project on our website.


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